Friday, December 14, 2018 is now alive!!

Asssalamualaikum and good morning.. is now alive after has been kept passive for few years. I keep this domain name from 2007 and use it for blogging. Now, I intended to blog again.. pray for my success and istiqamah. haha...

Previously I used wordpress for blogging. It is a bit tedious to maintain and upgrade wordpress. Back then in 2012, all these SQL injection, security issues, wordpress versioning and keep changing direction... It has been troublesome to keep up with the maintenance. At the end I decided to end the blog. The backup also gone with the expiring Bluehost hosting account. I just keep the domain name.. sayang ooo kalau terlepas ke tangan orang lain.

Now, I decided to use blogger which is easier. I just map my domain name to Cloudflare and point it towards Walla.. it is done! Just a few things need to setup such as HTTPS, SSL and etc.. I think the blog is good to go.

I am looking forward to produce good articles and have a new direction in 2019. Keep in touch..


Shah Alam.


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